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Colour: Buckskin  EeAaCRcrgg.

Height:  16hh.

dob: 23/01/2009

Stud Fee: £500



My stallion Iman has it all, impeccable Elite Bloodlines, giving him correct conformation, straight, elevated and flamboyant movement and a willing, gentle and noble temperament that defines the best Spanish horses. He passes on these great attributes to his offspring which alway inherit his fabulous neck and shoulder conformation as well as his noble nature. Iman is also blessed with being a Buckskin - one of the rarer and much sought after colours. His genetic coat colour means he can produce a spectrum of coat colours in his foals. Bay, black, chestnut, buckskin, palomino, perlino, cremello.


Iman’s Great Grandsire is none other than Elite Graded Ermitano III. This stallion was the first ever to gain Elite Graded status and is still one of only three PRE in the world to achieve this accolade. Iman’s Grand Dam, Zarina XXI is also recognised as superior by gaining Calcificado status. The famous Paco Marti stallion, Pegaso IV is in his sire line so Iman, and consequently his offspring, come from prestigious and proven lines. Iman has a 100% fertility rate with all his mares in foal each year and  he is a gentleman to cover in-hand so is ideal for maiden mares too.


Iman and I have a very strong bond and he is an absolute delight to train and ride and he loves to learn. A very intelligent boy, he picks up new things incredibly quickly. He is totally unflappable, brave, inquisitive and gentle. As noble as a horse can be.


Click here for IMAN FS:  

Spanish Horse Registry Information

Colour: Bay Fewspot EEAa LP/LP PATN1/PATN1 Pssm and Grey negative 
Height:  15.1hh.
dob: 16/05/2012
Stud Fee: £500



Now STANDING AT STUD is Haverlands Fireblade who has joined Grovewood Andalusians as part of our Spanish Spotted Saddle Horse breeding programme.


He is a Fewspot Appaloosa Stallion. Homozygous for spotting gene and Pattern 1. LP/LP and PTN1/PTN1 so guaranteed to pass on spots. Perfect for PRE mares to produce Spanish Spotted Saddle Horse foals, or any spotted cross breeds. Negative for Grey gene and PSSM. Licenced, Registered and full pedigree. Super breed standard, balanced strong conformation, substance, agility and movement.


Fireblade has a very laid back nature and is so affectionate, such a darling boy.  What a cool dude he is.


More info please click link: Haverlands Fireblade

Terms and Conditions

Livery for your Mare is charged at £70 per week inclusive of all care, feed, bedding hay and supplements.
Foals at foot £7 per week.
Stallion covering fee is due on arrival. Cleared payment of all outstanding Livery, Veterinary and Farriery fees must be received before you collect your mare from the Stud.
If your Mare has any special requirements please don't hesitate to let me know as we aim to provide a home from home environment for her. Please rest assured that your Mare will receive the best care and calm, kind handling at all times. We aim for your Mare to have a relaxed and stress free visit with us and our Stallions at Grovewood Andalusian Stud. If you have any questions at all please do get in touch. Should you need any advice on which of our lovely Stallions would best suit your Mare I am happy to help and advise.


Mare will require health test Certificates dated for the current Breeding season for the following:
3. ENDOMETRITIS Endometrial Swab.
4. Up to date vaccinations for EQUINE INFLUENZA and TETANUS.
5. Please WORM your Mare 48 hours prior to arrival at the Stud.
6. Mares to arrive UNSHOD.

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